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We are a non profit organization that creates opportunities through competitive snow sports programs to support athletes in achieving their individual athletic, academic, and personal goals. Our Vision is to positively impact the life of every athlete we serve.

Our Values


MBSEF History

The Skyliners were established in 1928 as the Central Oregon's Outdoor Club with memberships for $1. The Club provided downhill, jumping, cross country skiing and ice skating instruction with a toboggan trough slide. By 1936, The Skyliners had a new facility at the end of Skyliner Road where the membership grew. By 1957 when the clubhouse burned, the Skyliners knew they needed to find a new facility at a larger location and Mt. Bachelor was developed. Alpine and cross country instructional programs continued and the competition increased with athletes traveling all over the northwest.

In 1982, the Central Oregon Ski Foundation was formed to provide scholarships to young local ski racers based on their ability and need. These scholarships helped kids afford coaching fees, competition and travel expenses.

Established in 1986, the Mt. Bachelor Ski Education Foundation was developed as a non profit organization dedicated to the development and support of alpine, cross country and snowboard race training and competition in Central Oregon. Russ Read was instrumental in the development of MBSEF.Today, as the Mt. Bachelor Sports Education Foundation, we are a member club of the United States Ski & Snowboard Association. All of our programs are organized following the guidelines that have been established by USSA for skier development. The goals of MBSEF are to provide the opportunity for introductory to advanced levels of training and competition, assist in the healthy development of all participants through the pursuit of athletic, academic and personal goals, and to encourage academic achievement and promote the positive values developed through competitive sports.

Our vision is to be the leading authority in youth sports and development in Central Oregon, be the leading authority in competitive ski and snowboard programs and events in the Western United States, and to be a competent, well organized foundation, deserving of public and private support.

Donations and fundraising events allow us to offer our programs to young people throughout the area. Because the ski industry and tourism are such a big part of Bend's economy, it is important to continue to involve kids and their families in skiing. By sponsoring our program, you are supporting Bend's future.

We bring positive recognition to Central Oregon and the state of Oregon. We believe Central Oregon is a nationally recognized center of excellence in sports medicine, health, fitness and corporate conferences. The development of a strong athletic training center helps make Bend a great place to live and work. For us it is a matter of pride.

We rely on you to make MBSEF a success. We thank you for your substantial contributions of time, money and support. We are very proud to be a part of this community.